Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

symptoms of low transmission fluid

Subaru of Clear Lake welcomes you to discover the symptoms of low transmission fluid.

When Does Your Transmission Fluid Need To Be Changed? Transmission fluid is vitally important for keeping a transmission from overheating, and it should be maintained consistently. Does it matter what transmission the car has? No matter if you have a manual, CVT, auto, new, or even a used transmission, the fluid in the transmission keeps it lubricated so that it may work as intended. Every brand has its own intervals for servicing the transmission fluid, but if you notice any fluctuations in the way your transmission drives, then changing or flushing the fluid could help fix the issue

Do I Need To Change My Transmission Fluid?

How Many Miles Does Transmission Fluid Last?

Unfortunately, there isn't a perfect answer as to how long does transmission fluid last. If you own a weekend cruiser that sits in an air-conditioned environment but rarely gets driven, you might possibly be able to go years without having to flush the transmission fluid. If you have an HD pickup that gets used a lot, then you may want to consider flushing your transmission fluid more frequently. But, if you have concerns about how often to change your transmission fluid, then it's probably worth getting it. Our knowledgeable technicians will investigate the issue and suggest the right service and get you back on the road ASAP.

Signs You Need A Transmission Flush

Signs You Need A Transmission Flush

If you purchased your vehicle new, then you will know the entire repair history and if the car is up-to-date on its scheduled maintenance items. However, if you bought a used car, then you may not have the complete maintenance records to know when the transmission was last changed. Other than the dreaded check engine light, if you observe delayed shifts, poor acceleration, slipping gears, or transmission whine, then you should consider having your transmission fluid changed.

Should I Get a Transmission Fluid Flush or Change?

Transmission Fluid Change vs. Flush

It does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive, eventually, the transmission fluid will break down and stop working properly. So, flush or change, which is the best option? Changing Transmission Fluid - This straightforward process involves draining the old transmission fluid from your car. While it cannot drain all of the used fluid, a transmission fluid change will cost less than a transmission flush. Transmission Fluid Flush - This procedure uses specific machinery that will suction the used transmission fluid from the system. A transmission fluid flush may have a higher price tag but is a more complete way of removing the used fluid. Every situation and car is unique, let our experienced technicians examine your vehicle, and they will provide you with an estimate of the unique services your car may need.

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