Subaru SUVs With 3rd-row Seating

subaru suvs with 3rd-row seating

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If you're in the market to buy a new vehicle, buyers have an abundance of options to pick from. There are V8 sports cars (for a little bit longer, at least), Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, and more, but if you need room for lots of passengers, then there are only two options: a 3-Row SUV or a van. Both choices can carry up to eight overall passengers, but the way they do it differs greatly. Even when taking the stigma of driving a van into consideration, if you need to carry people, then there's really no choice at all.


What Are The Benefits Of 3-Row SUVs?

Increased Performance

More Power for Towing

For those with a big family on the way, need space, and a vehicle that can tow, then a 3-row Sport Utility Vehicle really is your only choice. Not even the minivan with the highest tow capacity will match up to a Sport Utility Vehicle. Even if you just need the added space, the SUV with the most cargo space is going to compare favorably to most vans. Only you know what's perfect for your needs, but you really cannot go wrong with a 3rd-row SUV.


Versatile Storage Space

The flexible cargo space of a 3rd-row Sport Utility Vehicle boasts more room for safety seats. Even the smallest cars have room for booster seats, but since Sport Utility Vehicles are often wider than cars or vans, that means you don't have to be concerned about Narrow Booster Seats. In a 3rd-row SUV, you have space for almost anything you need. The seats fold flat for massive cargo space. When you think about the upgraded horsepower that 3-row SUVs have at their disposal, it makes them uncommonly versatile.

Even More Seats

More Seating

Maybe the biggest factor in buying a 3rd-row Sports Utility Vehicle is the bigger seating capacity. At the very minimum, 3rd-row seating in an SUV will net your an additional 2 seats (sometimes you even get an additional 3 seats). Some extra seats may not seem like a whole lot, but if you are a family of five (or will soon be), you understand how wonderful that added room is. Even if you have a smaller family, there's going to be moments when family and friends will want to ride with you. The additional space of a 3-row Sports Utility Vehicle is priceless.

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