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Immerse yourself in the future of transportation with Subaru's exciting electric vehicle lineup. Get acquainted with the exhilarating and trailblazing 2023 Subaru Solterra EV SUV. Subaru's famed all-wheel drive proficiency merges impeccably with progressive electric vehicle technology, reinforcing its command over varied weather and terrain conditions.

Why Choose Subaru Electric Vehicles

Subaru electric vehicles chart their own course in the automotive sphere. They are celebrated for their remarkable all-wheel drive, cutting-edge safety features, and robust construction. Subaru's quintessential attributes are seamlessly integrated into the state-of-the-art e-Subaru Global Platform, solidifying Subaru's formidable position in the electric vehicle arena.

Subaru Solterra

Experience unmatched control with the Solterra, Subaru's groundbreaking electric vehicle. Staying true to Subaru's philosophy, the Solterra offers exceptional off-road abilities, reliable all-wheel drive, and a generous cabin space. These attributes are amplified in the Solterra, facilitating enthralling journeys over known and undiscovered landscapes, while reducing environmental footprint.

Additional Solterra Highlights:
  • Powerful 72.8 Kwh Battery Capacity & Stardrive® All-Electric Drivetrain
  • Impressive 8.3 Inches Ground Clearance
  • Comprehensive EyeSight® Driver Assist Systems
  • Integrated X-MODE® with Downhill Assist Control



Charging Your Subaru EV

Subaru is committed to easing your switch to electric with customized in-home charging solutions and an extensive network. Our unwavering efforts to provide you with eco-conscious driving alternatives persist. Our home charging systems are effective, user-friendly, and adapt to your specific requirements.


Furthermore, our partnership with EVgo underscores our dedication to your needs, for daily commuting or long-distance travel. Gain access to a staggering 46,000 public charging stations equipped with fast DCFC ports, capable of replenishing up to 80% of your battery in about an hour.

The Solterra's efficiency rivals the vehicle's performance, achieving up to 94 miles per gallon on highways and 114 in the city.

Servicing Your Subaru EV Subaru EV

Subaru Electric Vehicles outshine conventional internal combustion engines in terms of efficiency and lower maintenance requirements. The elimination of oil-based lubricants does away with the necessity for oil changes, although regular checks for tire and brake wear are still crucial.


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Subaru heartily invites our devoted followers and newcomers to the brand to discover the boundless possibilities of electric mobility. Browse our electric vehicle options and become acquainted with our avant-garde technology and eco-friendly features that embody Subaru's commitment to a cleaner, sustainable future. Launch your electrifying journey with us today.