Are Shocks and Struts The Same Thing?

are shocks and struts the same thing?

Find out if shocks and struts are the same thing at Subaru of Clear Lake.

Struts and shock absorbers play a crucial role on your vehicle, but they are designed in entirely unique ways. Both struts and shock absorbers are crucial to the suspension and how it handles the road underneath it. The perfect suspension system helps with the ride quality and handling of your ride, so great struts and shock absorbers can help create either a corner-carving monster or a pillowy soft cruiser, whatever you might desire. Shocks have a smaller role in the suspension system by just absorbing any bumps in the road. While struts also mitigate bumps from the road, they also serve more of a structural role by supporting the chassis of the vehicle, especially if you are offroading. Both components are there to ensure that each drive you take is as good as the last one, so keeping them in the best condition will help you a lot.

What Do Struts Do?

What Are Struts?

Struts have 2 unique jobs on your car, first, like a shock, they help soften bumps in the road, but they also provide structural support for the suspension. While each component is instrumental to each Sunday cruise you take in your car, struts have a bigger role on the vehicle. Performance struts are crafted to give your vehicle a firm performance at high speeds, while struts on a Sport Utility Vehicle may be asked to balance offroad needs while also giving drivers increased control.

What Do Shocks Do On A Vehicle?

What Do Shocks Do?

Shock absorbers control the movement of a vehicle's suspension for maximum performance. Shock absorbers are incredibly important for your vehicle because, without them, the vehicle will not be able to absorb as many bumps in the road. If you are the risk-taking type and love to drive on unpaved terrain, some great shocks can do a lot to make sure you're having a good time. On a racecar, drivers may want a stiff suspension for improved handling, while a luxury car may need a soft suspension for a comfortable ride.

How To Tell If Shock Absorbers and Struts Are Bad?

How To Tell If Struts Are Bad?

The quickest way to identify if your suspension is failing is if your car doesn't drive 100%. The tiny changes in performance can be big indicators of problems. Tiny things like the car leaning too far while turning, your shocks bouncing more than usual, or just difficulty with the handling are some simple insights that you may need suspension repair. So pay attention the next time you go for your next drive, take a moment to see if you notice any differences in the vehicle's performance, and when you notice any issues, our skilled service technicians are ready to help.

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