How Far Can I Ride On A Spare Tire?

how far can i ride on a spare tire?

Learn more about how far you can ride on a spare tire at Subaru of Clear Lake.

How far you can drive on a spare tire depends on if the spare is a compact spare or a regular replacement tire. A compact spare tire is intentionally engineered for temporary use and limited driving distances. These donut spares are designed to give more space in your vehicle while also being lightweight, providing you extra storage space. Compact spares serve as emergency solutions intended solely for emergencies, with a maximum recommended distance of 50 miles at most, and should be replaced as soon as possible. If your vehicle has a regular spare, it's possible to drive it normally. However, just like the compact spare, it's important to fix the problematic tire immediately to avoid getting stranded (which could happen if you have another tire issue). Whether your vehicle has a compact spare tire or a full-size one, replacing the flat tire must be of utmost importance.

What Speed Can I Drive on a Spare?

What Speed Can I Drive on a Spare Tire?

How fast you can travel on a spare will also depend on the replacement tire. Regular spares generally are identical to your regular car tires and are able to be driven in the same manner. Donut spare tires are meant to be driven in emergency situations only and come with speed restrictions. Many donuts have a maximum recommended speed of no more than 50 miles per hour. Make sure to refer to the owner's manual for your suggested speed limits and travel distances when using a spare tire.

Flat and No Spare?

No Spare?

It can be alarming when you get a flat and you don't have a spare, so what now? Your top concern is to slow down and find somewhere safe to pull over. Continuing to drive on a flat will change the steering of a car, and by slowing down, it can make it more manageable to handle. After you have located a safe spot, get out of your vehicle and examine your tire and wheel for any signs of damage. If you have run-flat tires or a tire patch kit, you can potentially carefully drive your vehicle to reach a location where you can replace your tires. Otherwise, reach out to roadside assistance; they will come get you, bring you to us, and we'll help replace your flat tire.

What is the Spare Tire Replacement Cost?

What is the Price to Replace Your Spare Tire?

The cost to purchase a replacement spare will depend on your vehicle and whether it has a small spare tire or a full-size one. Donut spares are generally less expensive than full-size tires, but costs will fluctuate depending on the manufacturer, size, and tire quality. We offer a wide selection of tires and various sizes to suit your needs and have you back on the road in no time. Our team of tire professionals can help you consider the options to ensure you get the tires you need at the right price.

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